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DDPAI A2 dash camera

The state-of-the-art DDPAI A2 dash camera not only provides high-definition video recording, but also 24-hour parking monitoring. The built-in IPS power management system protects the battery from being damaged and discharged too quickly, and the Huawei Hisilicon chip ensures stable, reliable operation of the recorder. The Wi-Fi module allows you to quickly connect the device to your smartphone, and with the dedicated DDPAI app, you can playback, edit, and even share your recordings.

Reliable parking monitoring

Take care of your car's safety while parking as well. The DVR supports timelapse technology and can record one frame per second, allowing you to prepare longer footage that won't take up too much storage space. So your vehicle can be guarded around the clock! With the parking monitoring function, an 8GB card will hold up to 36 hours of video, and 32GB is enough for up to 144 hours. Note: A2 supports memory cards up to 128GB, which is not included in the packing list.

Complex security system

No need to buy additional wiring or worry about possible battery damage. Its safety and performance is taken care of by the built-in IPS power management system! It detects the vehicle status and adjusts the DVR's performance accordingly. It also protects the device against low voltage, overload, short circuit and overcurrent, among others. A state-of-the-art Hisilicon chip is also responsible for the A2's reliable operation.

Don't be afraid to lose critical materials

Never lose key footage again. The camera is equipped with a gravity sensor, which detects collisions and sudden braking. In such situations, it automatically takes pictures and saves a short videos. Similar footage is stored separately, so you can avoid accidental deletion or overwriting.

Excellent image quality

Enjoy crisp, clear and richly detailed images. With the state-of-the-art H.265 codec, the camera captures 1080p videos, whose quality, however, resembles 1440p recordings. Capture every detail with the DDPAI A2!

Create a cinematic story about your journey

Using the DDPAI app, you can not only watch your footage, but turn it into an engaging, cinematic story! The easy-to-use editor makes it simple to edit your photos and recordings - add filters, effects and even music! Finished clips can also be instantly shared on social media such as Facebook or Instagram. What's more, DDPAI's community of several million people makes it easy to share information, tips and trip reports! Note: live preview is only available on models not surpassing the iPhone 12 PRO MAX due to lack of updates.

Conveniently manage your recordings

Browse and download your stored footage whenever you want! High-performance Wi-Fi provides a fast and stable connection. You no longer need to connect the camera to your computer or use card readers. The app will give you convenient access to your recorded videos - forget about complicated configuration and the need for additional components!

In the box

  • Dash camera A2
  • Mounting bracket
  • Power cable
  • 3M sticker
  • User manual
ModelMola A2
Camera resolution1080p, 30FPS
LensFull HD, 130° wide angle
Gravity Sensor3-axis
Memory card supportTF, class 10, up to 128GB
Wi-Fi Module2.4 Hz
Video outputWireless
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
Image resolution1920x1080
Video resolution1080p/30FPS, 720p/30FPS

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