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DDPAI Z50 GPS DUAL video recorder

Take care of your safety while traveling and equip yourself with the DDPAI Z50 GPS DUAL video recorder. The device records videos in 4K resolution, and D2save technology allows you to save recordings to NAND flash memory in case of TF card failure. The product has two cameras, so it records video from both the front and rear of the vehicle. In addition, it uses ADAS technology and a special parking mode, which will take care of the car's safety 24 hours a day (a hardwire kit power adapter must be purchased for this purpose). The Z50 also has a built-in GPS module.

Impressive image quality

The DDPAI Z50 GPS DUAL video recorder provides high image quality. The Z50 uses a SONY IMX415 sensor and records images in 4K quality, ensuring excellent sharpness even in difficult lighting conditions. What's more, state-of-the-art Realcube imaging technology combined with advanced algorithms translates into rich detail and natural, vivid colors.

Two cameras

The device is equipped with a front and rear camera, allowing it to simultaneously record events from both the front and rear of the car. The front camera provides high quality 4K video, a field of view of 140° and offers 3 resolutions to choose from (2160P, 1600P and 1080P). The rear camera captures 1080P video, provides a 125° field of view and rotates 360°.

Secure storage of recordings

The use of D2save technology guarantees the safety of recorded material regardless of the situation. How it works. In the event of a TF card failure, the recordings will be stored in additional NAND flash memory and then transferred back to the TF card as soon as the opportunity arises. This is an excellent way to prevent the loss of important footage. The Z50 supports TF cards of up to 128 GB and allows loop recording.

Professional capacitor

The device is equipped with a high-end capacitor, which, replacing the classic battery, increases the safety of use. Thanks to it, the video recorder can operate at temperatures from -15°C to 70°C. What's more, the capacitor allows recording for the last 3-4 seconds, even when the camera is turned off. So you are assured that you will not miss anything important.

Take care of your car

The Z50 also offers a parking mode that will guarantee the safety of your car for up to 24 hours a day. When the vehicle is parked, the camera records in timelapse mode to then play back the video with the usual frame rate. If there is a risk of a collision while parking, the Z50 will notify you immediately! To use the parking mode, purchase the IPS smart power adapter (hardwire kit), which constantly charges the camera, allows uninterrupted monitoring and protects the vehicle's battery from running out.

Additional capabilities

The video recorder is equipped with a GPS module, which accurately collects data such as vehicle speed, route, location and driving time. The device's asset is also an easy-to-read 2.3-inch display, thanks to which you can conveniently manage the most important functions. The Z50's design allows you to adjust its position within 35° and adjust the viewing angle within 15°.


Want more? Just install the free DDPAI app, which gives you access to a functional video editor. With its help you can easily and conveniently edit your videos, enriching them with special effects, filters or music. You can also watch your friends' recordings and share your footage with them. The built-in Wi-Fi is also a plus - it allows you to download and watch videos almost at any time.


  • Video recorder Z50 + rear camera RC1
  • Car charger x1
  • Power cable x2
  • User manual x2
  • Installation tool
  • 3M adhesive stickers x2
  • Electrostatic stickers x1
Dimensions82 x 62 x 31.15 mm (front camera)
Input5 V / 2 A
LensFront: 7 optical lenses and 1 IR, field of view 140°, aperture F1.75
Rear: 5 optical lenses, field of view 125°, aperture F2.0
MatrixSony IMX415
G-SensorBuilt-in 3-axis gyroscope, emergency lock, sensitivity adjustable via app
MemoryCompatible with TF cards up to 128 GB, loop recording supported
Wi-Fi2.4 GHz
ResolutionFront: 3840x2160p, 2880x1620p, 1920x1080p
Rear: 1920x1080p

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