Vipfan W02 βάση βαρύτητας αυτοκινήτου με επαγωγικό φορτιστή 15W Qi (μαύρο)

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Vipfan W02 gravity car holder with Qi 15W induction charger (black)

The practical Vipfan W02 car holder will make it easier to use navigation while traveling, plus it has an induction charger to renew your phone's power while driving. The built-in gravity sensor automatically tightens the jaws of the holder and adjusts them to the phone, the advantage is also the easy installation on the ventilation grille.

Comfort and safety

The Vipfan W02 car mount uses a gravity sensor, so that under the influence of the phone's weight it automatically clamps the jaws of the mount and adjusts their span to fit the device. So you can operate it with one hand and focus your attention on the road, increasing the safety of your trip.

Well designed

The place for mounting the holder is the air vent - installing the product will not cause you any problems, at the same time the holder does not cover the air outlet or reduce visibility while driving. The product does not scratch the surface of the smartphone, moreover, it is distinguished by its wide compatibility and fits many different models.

Safe charging

The mount is equipped with a Qi inductive charger, so it can safely renew the energy of devices compatible with this protocol. The W02 charges with a maximum power of 15 watts, saving you time and quickly charging the devices you need. So you can take your smartphone on a long journey without worrying about its sudden discharge.

NameVipfan W02 gravity car holder with induction charger
Holding typeClamping, gravity
MountingAir grille
CompatibilityDevices that support inductive charging technology
Output power15W
Input power5V-2A 9V-2A 12V-1.5A

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