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PGYTECH phone holder with handlebar mount

Have your phone always within reach and use navigation comfortably. The PGYTECH P-PG-001 mount will allow you to attach your smartphone to your bicycle or motorcycle handlebars, so you can easily use it whenever you need to. The accessory will provide the device with the necessary stability, and it has also been equipped with 2 ball joints, which allow you to freely adjust its position.

Hassle-free installation on various types of handlebars

The PGYTECH mount is very easy to install - you don't need any tools for that. The accessory fits handlebars with a diameter of 22-35mm, but it also has a special additional clamp with which you can easily attach it to, for example, a mirror or a thinner handlebar (diameter 8-16mm). Note: when using the mount, do not exceed a speed of 80km/h.

Unparalleled stability

Drive without worry even on extremely bumpy roads. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, the mount is incredibly stable - you don't have to worry about your placed smartphone wobbling or falling to the ground. In addition, as many as 4 sturdy elements keep your phone in place, and anti-slip pads protect it from shocks and scratches. With PGYTECH your devices are safe!

Wide adjustability

Make it easy to use navigation or operate the music player on your smartphone. The mount is equipped with 2 ball joints, so you can freely adjust its position. You can easily rotate it 360° and change its tilt angle within 180°. Position your phone vertically or horizontally, turn on your favorite playlist and go on your next trip!

Improved design

High-quality aluminum alloy and fiberglass-reinforced plastics were used to make the mount. Thanks to this, the accessory is characterized by resistance to damage and wear, and its maximum load capacity is 300g. The product is also extremely convenient to use and compatible with most popular smartphone models. In addition, a special cutout allows you to seamlessly connect your phone for charging.

In the box

  • Phone holder with handlebar mount
  • Mounting clamp (mini)
  • User manual
NameSmartphone Handlebar Mount
Handlebar diameter8-16mm (with smaller clamp), 22-35mm
Dimensions of the phoneLength: 130-175mm;
Width: 64-92mm;
Thickness: 0-15mm;
Load capacityUp to 300g
MaterialNylon + fiberglass, aluminum alloy
Working temperatureFrom -10°C to 40°C

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