Βάση στήριξης μαξιλαριού ποδηλάτου για αθλητικές κάμερες 360° (TE-CEB-003)

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Telesin TE-CEB-003 saddle mount for sports cameras

Like to ride your bike and looking for a way to create surprising videos during your rides? We have something special for you! The Telesin saddle mount allows you to securely and stably attach your sports camera to your bike, so you can record original footage while enjoying your ride. The accessory rotates 360°, allowing you to create surprising shots from unusual perspectives.


Easy to install and stable

Mounting the accessory will not even cause you the slightest problem. Simply attach it to your bike using the included L-shaped screw wrench. The product is also equipped with rubber, non-slip elements that make it fit perfectly to the saddle, protect it from scratches and provide the necessary stability during recording.


Create shots from the best perspectives

The mount is 360° rotatable and its angle can be adjusted up to 90°. This means you can freely adjust its position to get the perspective of your dreams. Position your camera the way you want and create even more interesting shots - with Telesin you will prepare an original video report of your bike trip and surprise all viewers!


Solid performance

The product is also extremely durable. It was made from a durable 6063 aluminum and magnesium alloy. The technologies used in the production process such as sandblasting and oxidation provide it with unparalleled durability and resistance to corrosion. The mount is also extremely resistant to damage - it will serve you perfectly for a long time.


Wide compatibility

No matter what kind of camera you're using - with Telesin you can easily record original footage while riding your bike. The saddle mount is equipped with a threaded hole, making it compatible with many popular models on the market. It fits GoPro, DJI's Osmo series, Insta360 and SARGO SJ among others.


In the box

  • Bike seat bracket mount for sports cameras
  • Hexagon wrench
  • Locking screw




MaterialAluminum alloy



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