Θήκη Nillkin Nature TPU Pro για Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (λευκό)


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Nillkin Nature TPU Pro Case for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max (white)

Nillkin brand case, is a reliable protection for your phone. The overlay is made of the highest quality PC and TPU material, which is very flexible and durable. There are drop-resistant cushions on the four corners, and anti-slip bars on both sides to greatly enhance the stability of the phone in your hand. The thoughtful design not only protects your smartphone, but also screws up its unique design with a transparent case.

Exceptional protection

The product provides 360 ۫ protection for your equipment. A built-in buffer protects the phone's screen. Impact-resistant cushions were used on the corners to cushion the fall of the equipment. In addition, protection for the rear camera has been provided, by raising its frame. The accessory boasts high scratch resistance and a transparent design.

NameNillkin Nature TPU Pro Case for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
MaterialTPU + PC
Weight33.5 g
Dimensions163.28 × 81.12 × 2.92 mm
CompatibilityiPhone 14 Pro Max

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