Θήκη CamShield Armor για Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (σκούρο πράσινο)

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CamShield Armor Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (green) case

The CamShied Armor case by Nillkin is designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The product is made of environmentally friendly TPU and PC materials, making it scratch and impact resistant. You can enjoy your favorite sport without worrying about the safety of your smartphone. Noteworthy is both the camera cover and the ring, which rotates 360° and makes it easier to hold the phone. The case is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Reliable protection for your phone

The CamShield Armor case is distinguished by its high resistance to scratches, drops and wear marks. The special cover protects the camera from scratches and helps to maintain privacy. The product does not affect the phone's handling - you will retain free access to the device's buttons. What's more, made of zinc alloy, the ring, which rotates 360°, can serve you as a stand, so you can comfortably watch a movie on your phone.

Made of high-end materials

The Nillkin product is made of sturdy and environmentally friendly materials, such as TPU and PC. All four edges increase the protection of your device in case of a fall thanks to a specially designed coating. The non-slip structure ensures that the smartphone can be held comfortably in the hand, and the original design will appeal to many users. Bet on functionality, comfort and style with Nillkin!

ModelCamShield Armor
CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
MaterialTPU + PC
Dimensions168.77 x 82.79 x 4.40 mm
Weight60.7 g

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