Θήκη CamShield Armor για Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Μαύρο)

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CamShield Armor Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra case (black)

The CamShield Armor Pro case provides excellent protection for your phone, but not only! The case is equipped with a functional finger holder that you can use as a stand for your phone. In addition, it has a sliding cover that protects the camera lens from scratches and dust. It perfectly adheres to the smartphone, providing it with comprehensive protection.

Convenience during use

Precisely cut openings for buttons and speakers make it a perfect fit for the phone. The texture of the case, which imitates a car tire, provides a safe and secure grip, and is extremely pleasant to the touch.

Thoughtful design

The unique shape of the case gives it an uncommon character! In addition, the case is equipped with a practical rotating finger grip, which provides even more convenience during use. You can easily use the magnetic holder as a stand for your phone while watching your favorite series or a car grabber.

Comprehensive protection

The case is equipped with a sliding cover that protects the camera lens from scratches. In addition, a functional aperture allows you to maintain privacy when you are not using your smartphone's camera. High-quality materials used for the case guarantee a high level of protection for your phone. Moreover, additionally reinforced corners prevent shocks.

NameSamsung Galaxy S22 Ultra CamShield Armor Case
CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Dimensions169 x 83 x 4 mm
Weight60.7 g

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