Telesin Βραχίονας στήριξης σακιδίου για αθλητικές κάμερες 360° (GP-BPM-004)


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Telesin backpack strap mount for J-hook type for sports cameras (GP-BPM-004)

The Telesin backpack mount will allow you to gain a new perspective and create interesting shots in many situations. It is characterized by high compatibility - you will mount various types of sports cameras on it. Non-slip and durable - it will provide your devices with stability and will serve you perfectly for a long time.

Durable Velcro - simple and stable attachment

The accessory is incredibly easy and fast to install. This is made possible by its excellent quality Velcro fastener, which guarantees a secure yet comfortable attachment. The product is also extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. With Telesin you can record every moment and prepare a one-of-a-kind account of your trip.

Wide compatibility

The product is compatible with most popular sports camera models. You will mount GoPro, DJI Osmo Action, XiaoYi and SJCAM devices, among others. No matter what equipment you use - it will certainly come in handy.

Unparalleled stability

The double anti-slip design provides devices mounted on the backpack with increased stability and security. T-silicone and PU plastic components ensure that the mount won't shift. Nothing will spoil your shot - you can walk or even run freely without fear of shocks.


  • Velcro attachment for backpack strap x1
Fastening typeJ-hook

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