Telesin Σετ επίπεδης και καμπύλης αυτοκόλλητης στήριξης 3M για GoPro (GP-BRK-004)


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Set of 3M stickers and mounts for GoPro cameras Telesin GP-BRK-004

Looking for a way to create even more interesting footage with your GoPro? Try a practical set of mounts and stickers by Telesin! Using them, you can easily attach the camera to any flat or curved surface of your choice. Accessories are also waterproof - you do not have to worry that they will quickly peel off when exposed to moisture!


Gain new capabilities

The kit includes 2 flat and 2 curved mounts, as well as 2 square and 2 round 3M stickers. The accessories are fabulously easy and quick to install, and thanks to the use of a durable adhesive, they will surprise you with their durability and give your camera the stability it needs. Simply attach your GoPro to the surface of your choice and fearlessly take your next original shot!


Water doesn't scare them

Planning to record a fantastic footage of your stay at the seaside? Are you dreaming of stunning shots of the water world? We have great news for you! Telesin mounts and stickers are waterproof - so nothing stands in the way of mounting them, for example, on a surfboard. Now you can easily prepare original material in almost any conditions.


In the box

  • 2x flat mount
  • 2x curved mount
  • 2x square 3M sticker
  • 2x round 3M sticker




CompatibilityAction cameras such as GoPro Hero, DJI Osmo Action, Xiaomi Yi, SJCAM



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