Συσσωρευτής Tattu R-Line 1050mAh 120C 22.2V 6S1P XT60


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Product description

Voltage - 22,2 V
Capacity - 1050 mAh
Number of cells - 6
Connector type - XT60
Type of balancer - JST-XH
Discharge current (continous) - 120 C
Discharge current (peak) - 240 C
Length - 76 mm
Width - 39 mm
Heigth - 43 mm
Weigth - 202 g

The new Tattu R-Line battery series is dedicated for racing quadrocopters. They will be appreciated by beginners as well as professional pilots. Thanks to the high discharge current (up to 95C) we will draw the maximum potential from our machine!
Safety manual

Do not discharge below 3.0V per cell. Charge only with a microprocessor-based charger in lithium-polymer pack charging mode.

Do not short-circuit the poles, do not puncture, do not expose to direct sunlight, store away from flammable objects, dispose of in specially prepared containers.

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