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InFace Ion Facial Device egg CF-03D (pink)

The inFace brand product offers thorough facial cleansing using ions, blue and red light and thermotherapy. It stimulates collagen production, has an antibacterial effect and increases the effectiveness of cosmetics. What's more, the product is splash-proof (IPX6), and thanks to its lightweight and compact design, you can easily store it. In the package you will also find a USB charging cable.

Negative ion import

The device has a mode that combines negative ion import, vibration, red light and 42° temperature. The heat opens pores, while the high-frequency vibration breaks down nutrients into smaller molecules for easier absorption. In addition, red light with a wavelength of 640 nm penetrates the deep layers of the skin, improves circulation and stimulates collagen production. Meanwhile, through the action of negative ions, cosmetics are better absorbed.

Export of positive ions

Another mode uses heat, positive ions and vibration. The 42° temperature and pleasant vibrations improve blood circulation, promote metabolism and restore skin elasticity. In addition, vibrations break down makeup residues into smaller particles, and thanks to positive ions, they are removed from the skin's surface - to do this, place a cotton pad over the device's head.

Your ally in the fight against acne

The CF-03D uses blue light with a wavelength of 460 nm, which has an antibacterial effect. It eliminates bacteria, inflammation and scarring caused by acne. Negative ions, on the other hand, facilitate the absorption of cosmetics and make the skin smooth and healthy looking.


For greater ease of use, the device has IPX6 splash protection. So you can use it safely and comfortably without worrying about damage. Note: do not immerse the product in water.

Thoughtful design

The product catches the eye with its unconventional bionic design. In addition, it is distinguished by a much smaller and lighter design, compared to other such products. It weighs only 75 g and fits perfectly in the hand, so using it will be simple and comfortable. In addition, the silicone finish makes the CF-03D pleasant to the touch. A USB cable is also included, which will make it easy to charge the device - after about 100 minutes it will be ready for further use.


  • facial device egg
  • cover
  • charging cable
  • instruction manual
Battery capacity400 mAh
Rated voltage3.7V
Rated power3.7 W
Charging timeapprox. 100 min
Weightapprox. 60 g

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