Sunnylife Speed Settler για RC-N1 (DS471)

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Sunnylife speed controllers + control sticks for DJI RC-N1

Get total control over the flight speed of your DJI Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 PRO drones with Sunnylife controllers. Applied to the controller, the locks allow you to set a single, unchanging position of the control sticks, so that the drone will move at a constant speed, in the direction you set. As a result, the footage you create will be recorded at a uniform speed, with no unwanted movements, no streaks and no fatigue for your hands. This is a perfect solution for those who specialize in outdoor videos, showing landscapes and large spaces, in long and smooth shots.

Different speeds in the selected direction

The controller allows you to set the control stick in a fixed position at 3 different speeds, making it easy to adjust the flight to suit the timing of the shot and the range of the drone itself. The controller can be rotated 360° at will, so that the controlled drone can move at the speed of your choice in any direction. It will also allow you to change the direction of flight, without losing speed or risking a blurry shot.

Perfect for multiple modes

The controller will make your job easier when you want to create perfect footage to show the passage of time or a striking transition between shots. Effortlessly record changing clouds, a flowing river or a moving crowd.

Convenient setup

Thanks to the extended aluminum alloy control rods, you gain stability and precise control over your flight. This makes it much easier to set the right direction and speed, effortlessly adjusting it to the needs of the video you are currently recording. In addition, the longer rods make the control more comfortable by increasing access to each other.

Easy mounting and installation

Mounting the controller is extremely easy. All you have to do is stick it to your DJI controller, and then screw the sticks into place. If you decide to change their positioning or want to remove the controller, just warm up the mounting tape with a hair dryer, for example, and the controller will detach itself.

Name:Speed Controller & Lengthen Rockers
Compatible models:for DJI RC
Material:Plastic + Aluminum Alloy
Gross Weight:16g
Speed gears:3
Possible directional settings:360°

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