Sunnylife Δερμάτινο κορδόνι για DJI Smart Controller / RC PRO / RC (GS394)

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Sunnylife lanyard for DJI RC controller / RC Pro / Smart controller (GS394).

Make sure you are even more comfortable when working with your controller. The Sunnylife lanyard for DJI RC / RC Pro / Smart controller, is an excellent choice. It is compatible with many controllers, which will make the product timeless and multifunctional. Made of high-quality leather, the strap is very pleasant to the touch. It stands out for its exceptional durability. The lanyard will relieve our hands - we can have the controller with us all the time, without constantly thinking about it. The metal hooks used are very stable and durable. There is also no need to unscrew them when storing the controller in the bag. The silicone seal protects the equipment from scratches.


  • Lanyard
  • 2 x Silicone gaskets
  • 2 x metal hooks
Maximum length80 cm
Minimum length62.5 cm
CompatibleDJI RC / RC Pro / Smart controller

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