Sunnylife Χειριστήριο ποδηλάτου για DJI RC (MM3-ZJ400)


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Sunnylife bike mount for DJI RC controller

Sunnylife's sturdy bike mount provides maximum comfort and allows you to safely operate your DJI RC while riding your bike. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the mount maintains a stable position and is resistant to damage, while the soft inserts do not cause scratches and are safe for the vehicle. You can adjust the mount to optimize the angle, plus its installation is quick and easy.

Tailored to your needs

With the Sunnylife brand mount, you will gain the ability to comfortably and safely control your drone while riding a bike or scooter. The product will ensure a stable position of the DJI RC controller, and its interior is covered with a non-slip material, which prevents the handlebars from moving and scratching. The diameter of the handle allows you to mount it on tubes 22 - 26 cm, the advantage is also the ability to adjust the angle of inclination.


  • Sunnylife bike mount x1
  • Mounting pin x1
  • Allen wrench x1
  • Screws x2
Compatibility with devicesDJI RC
Compatibility with vehiclesVehicles with steering wheel diameter of 22-26 cm
MaterialAluminum + plastic
Weight159 g

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