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The ENCHEN brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.


ENCHEN AIR 5 hair dryer

Drying even long hair in about 5-10 minutes? With the ENCHEN AIR 5 hair dryer it is possible! The device is distinguished by the power of up to 1800W and the speed of the blowing air up to 13m/s. It works extremely quietly and has been protected against overheating. Hair styling will be facilitated by the included concentrator. The dryer also allows you to choose from 2 temperature settings and offers a cool air function.


Amazing performance

A 22,000rpm motor, which generates a powerful airflow, is responsible for the efficient operation of the device. Also noteworthy is a fan with as many as 6 blades. With its high power of 1800W, you can dry short hair in just about 1-3 minutes, medium hair in about 3-5 minutes, and long hair in about 5-10 minutes. The AIR 5 is also surprisingly quiet - its volume level is only about 80dB. No more annoying noise!


Adjust the blowing temperature

Now you can adjust the dryer's operation to suit your needs. AIR 5 offers 2 temperature settings to choose from - Low and High. The former provides gentle, pleasant blasts, while the latter will allow you to dry in no time. It will work well, for example, before work when you care about time. You can also use the Cold Blow feature, which will help you fix your styling and give your hair a dazzling shine.


Safe to use

Enjoy not only fast and efficient, but also safe hair drying. ENCHEN AIR 5 dryer is equipped with a special high-sensitivity fuse and an advanced overheat protection system. This means that if the temperature exceeds a certain level, the device will automatically turn off. Don't worry about being damaged or getting burned!


Designed for your convenience

The dryer is distinguished by a modern, minimalist design, so it not only looks great, but is also very easy to use. The long cable guarantees freedom of movement, and the special mesh ensures that no dust or other debris gets inside the device. It also comes with a concentrator, which will help you speed up drying and make it easier to style your hair.


In the box

  • Dryer
  • Concentrator
NameHair Dryer
ModelAIR 5
Rated power1800W
Motor speedUp to 22,000rpm
Rated voltage220V
Rated frequency50Hz
Noise levelApprox. 80dB



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