Ακροφύσιο Baseus Clean Guard με σωλήνα πλύσης αυτοκινήτων, 15m

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Clean Guard nozzle with car wash hose

CRXC01-F01 will help you to keep your car clean. Thanks to the washing nozzle, you will get rid of dust, dirt and stubborn stains from the car body. The two-stage pressure build-up technology allows you to thoroughly wash your car. In the first stage, the pressure increases in the hydraulic hose, and in the second stage - directly in the pump. The device is also suitable for watering flowers or cleaning walls and sidewalks.


Thoughtful design

Through the pressure boosting design, poor tap water pressure can be avoided, and the flow is increased by rebound and compression in the telescopic tube. Because the water is under high pressure, the spray distance reaches up to 8 meters. The telescopic tube can be extended by 25 cm so people of all heights can use it comfortably. Additionally, you can adjust the width of the water stream by turning the ring on the head. The one-button control makes work much easier. The housing of the pump is made of aluminium alloy, which protects it against rust and deformation. In addition, the set includes a mop and 3 universal tap connectors: universal, standard and basin, which will fit most taps and basins. The mop rotates 360° so you can comfortably and thoroughly wash your car. Plus, it holds on with Velcro so you can quickly and easily replace it with a new one.


Extension hose

The special design of the hose makes it expand 3 times its original size when water is allowed to enter it, resulting in more comfortable use. Since the hose returns to its original size when drained, storing and carrying the unit is easier. The hose is composed of three layers of materials, making it resistant to leaking, kinking and tangling. Moreover, thanks to the special finish, the hose will not crack or freeze in winter. The hose is highly durable, weighs little and is long enough for comfortable manoeuvring in the garden.


In the box

  • Nozzle x1
  • Hose x1
  • Mop x1
  • Tap connectors x3 (universal, standard, sink)




MaterialAluminum + ABS
Product size772 x 164 x 47 (nozzle), 145 x 291 x 141 (mop)
Hose length5 m (15 m after water injection)



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