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Smartwatch Haylou RT2

Take care of your health, improve your fitness and never miss an important message. The Haylou RT2 smartwatch monitors heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen saturation, offers up to 12 sports modes and notifies you of incoming notifications in real time. It is distinguished by IP68 water resistance and a long battery life of up to 20 days on a single charge. Convenient access to its features is provided by Retina HD touchscreen display.

12 sport modes

Increase the efficiency of your workouts and enjoy better fitness. The RT2 smartwatch records real-time distance traveled, speed, calories burned, heart rate during exercise and other data. It also lets you choose from 12 sports modes. Running, cycling, trekking, yoga, or maybe gymnastics? Choose your favorite sport or try something new!

Clear HD display

The smartwatch features a round 360ppi Retina touchscreen display that provides a clear, readable image even in bright sunlight. It is made of durable 2.5D glass. You can also customize its design according to your preferences. RT2 has several built-in screen designs, and the dedicated app offers even more. You can also use your favorite photo to give the smartwatch screen a unique touch.

Long working time

Don't worry about having to charge your smartwatch frequently. RT2 is equipped with a durable battery, which has a capacity of 330mAh. It is thanks to it that a fully charged device can work up to 12 days with normal daily use or up to 20 days in basic mode.

You won't miss anything important

Pair the smartwatch with your phone and be sure not to miss anything important. The RT2 will instantly notify you of incoming messages, calls and notifications. It's compatible with many popular apps. Now you can always have everything important at your fingertips - just lift your wrist!

Help you take care of your health

Keep your finger on the pulse and gain the ability to respond quickly to any alarming symptoms. Smartwatch RT2 can measure blood oxygen saturation - its too low level often leads to fatigue, lack of energy and problems with concentration. The device also allows you to measure your heart rate in real time for up to 24 hours a day. Improved sensor ensures greater precision, and synchronization with the app allows you to keep track of changes.

Take care of yourself

The smartwatch offers even more features to help you take care of your health. Sleep monitoring will help you better understand how your biological clock works and eliminate habits that negatively affect the quality of your night's rest. RT2 will also remind you to move if you sit for too long, count your steps and calories burned during the day, and even help you perform relaxing breathing exercises.

Additional features

Take advantage of additional smartwatch features to make your life even easier. The RT2 lets you remotely control the music playing from your phone, such as switching songs or adjusting the volume. It also provides convenient access to weather information and allows you to locate your paired phone. It also offers a time function.

Lightweight, comfortable, waterproof

The device was created to meet the diverse needs of users. Its strap was created from skin-friendly materials and is extremely comfortable. The round metal frame looks very elegant and protects the smartwatch from sweat or rain. The casing of the RT2 is extremely durable and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. The device is also IP68 water resistant - so you can keep it on your wrist when you exercise or wash your hands, for example.

NameHaylou RT2
Strap width22mm
Weight55g (including strap)
Display1.32″ TFT
Bluetooth version5.0
SensorsHeart rate sensor, motion sensor, blood oxygen sensor
Battery capacity330mAh
Working timeUp to 12 days (daily use) / up to 20 days (basic mode)
System requirementsAndroid 6.0 or above, iOS 11.0 or above (supported functions may vary with different watches, phones and countries)

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