Rockbros S247-XL Ποδηλατικά γάντια Μέγεθος: XL


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Rockbros Bicycle Gloves S247-XL

Rockbros S247-XL fingerless cycling gloves will make you more comfortable while riding. They are made of breathable, wear-resistant materials and feature a non-slip surface. They also have several ventilation holes, wrist support and reflectors to keep you safer on the road. At the same time, they are incredibly comfortable. They are the perfect choice for any cyclist!

Dreamlike comfort

The highest quality materials were used to make the gloves, so you can enjoy comfortable use. The S247 also have a Velcro closure and have been sewn in such a way as to allow you to put them on or take them off quickly. They also have ventilation holes and feature optimal breathability - so your hands won't sweat. The fingerless gloves also allow you to use your smartphone comfortably.

Made for driving

Non-slip, shock-absorbing elements, wrist support, durable, stretchable materials and a perfect fit - all of this means that Rockbros gloves can meet the expectations of even the most demanding cyclists and provide them with a more comfortable ride. The S247 are also equipped with reflectors to increase your visibility on the road and ensure your safety.

MaterialNylon, spandex, microfiber, SBR rubber

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