Rockbros 010-4BK τσάντα ποδηλάτου


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Rockbros 010-4BK bicycle bag / bike holder

Ensure maximum comfort while riding your bike. This will be helped by the practical Rockbros 010-4BK holder, which you can easily mount on the bike frame. The product combines the features of a bag for small items and a phone holder, making it a perfect accessory for every cyclist. The product's advantages include a waterproof design, a transparent window for the smartphone screen and a special opening for the headphone cable.

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The Rockbros 010-4BK is distinguished by its liter capacity, so you can easily store such items as keys, padlock, flashlight or pocket knife, for example. What's more, the product acts as a phone holder and will allow you to conveniently navigate while driving or listen to music. The transparent screen window is responsive to the touch and guarantees a quick response from the device, while the sunshade ensures good visibility in harsh light.

Thoughtful design

Installing the mount is trivial and won't take you long. It is mounted with three Velcro straps, which ensure a stable position and prevent the product from moving. Its advantage is also wide compatibility - the product fits smartphones up to 6.5" diagonal.

Dimensions19.5 x 11 x 11cm
MaterialPolyester + TPU
Bag capacity1 L
Weight125 g
CompatibilitySmartphones up to 6.5" diagonal

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