QCY T1C TWS Ασύρματα ακουστικά Bluetooth V5.0 (μαύρο)


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Thoughtful solutions

The headphones, due to their ergonomic design, fit perfectly in your ears, making them comfortable to use, even if you use them for a long time. The set includes three earmolds of different sizes, which makes it possible to fit them to almost every ear. In the T1C version, the designers have opted for an open case, thanks to which you can easily pull out and hide the earphones with one hand.

Dedicated application

T1C automatically connects to the last paired device. Just run Bluetooth on your smartphone, take the headphones out of the case and you're done. The headphones have a dedicated application for phones, where you can control the equalizer, edit touch panel functions and much more.

High sound quality

Thanks to the use of a professional SBC+AAC codec, the headphones deliver a very well reproduced sound, while providing a high-fidelity bass as well as great mid and treble. Thanks to their universality the headphones will meet the expectations of practically every user.

Two play modes

Depending on your needs, the handset can be used in stereo or mono mode. The mono mode allows you to connect each handset to a different device, so you can, for example, have a conversation in one headphone and listen to music in another. The use of ENC technology ensures cleanliness.

Charging case

The batteries, which are equipped with headphones, allow for music playback up to 4 hours. They are charged by inserting them into the case, while the magnetic connection system prevents them from falling out. The battery with a capacity of 380 mAh allows you to charge the headphones 4 times without having to plug the case into an outlet, providing additional several hours of operation. Thanks to its small size, the case can be taken practically anywhere, putting it in your bag or pocket.

Perfect for playing

Bluetooth 5.0 provides fast data transmission and stable signal, which makes delays minimal and unnoticeable. This is especially useful in mobile FPS games, where sound plays a very important role and often determines the life and death of many players.

Smart control

The headphones are equipped with touch panels, which enable comfortable control. They allow you to switch music, pause it, restart it and answer and reject voice calls. A triple press of the MFB button will activate intelligent assistants such as Xiao Ai, Siri or Alexa, who will switch music, call your friends or check the weather if you wish.

IPX4 class

The T1C have IPX4 protection, which allows them to be used during difficult weather conditions. If the headphones are dirty, they can be rinsed under running water without fear of damage. This is very useful when after intensive training there is a need to refresh the device for greater comfort.

And when they're gone

To avoid losing headphones and hourly searches, the T1Cs, thanks to the application, have the ability to trace the last location where they were used. Additionally, it is also possible to run a remote audio signal in them to help us find the location.

Charging timeApprox. 2 hours
Working time with caseApprox. 20 hours
Case battery capacity380 mAh
Loudspeaker6 mm
Frequency20 – 20 kHz
Range10 m

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