Puluz Τρίποδο / Τρίποδο με 3D κεφαλή 360° + βάση τηλεφώνου PU3096B

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Βάρος1.38 kg


18 μήνες

Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 εργάσιμες ημέρες


PULUZ Aluminum Live Selfie Tripod with 3D Head and Phone Holder (Black)

Designed for selfie and live recording, this tripod by Puluz is extremely lightweight and compact and provides sturdiness and durability. It supports 360 degree panoramic shots and 90 degree vertical shots. With the removable quick release plate, you can quickly and conveniently attach it to your camera or camcorder, and the adjustable center column helps you get the height you want when shooting or filming.

Sturdy design

The tripod is made of aluminum alloy, is extremely lightweight and compact, so it will be perfect for travel and will not be a heavy burden during excursions. The set includes a bag, which will facilitate transportation. Its construction is solid and sturdy, thanks to 3 sections of aluminium legs with quick-release fasteners and non-slip rubber feet - ensuring that your images are sharp and clear, whatever the conditions. For even greater stability, use the spring-loaded hook to hang heavy objects (up to 3 kg) and keep your gear even more secure.

Additional convenience

Nothing limits you now! The unit supports 360-degree panoramic shooting and 90-degree vertical shooting, giving you unparalleled convenience when recording. The removable quick-release plate will allow you to quickly connect the tripod to your camera or camcorder, and the adjustable center column will allow you to get the desired height while shooting. Bet on Puluz and enjoy the comfort of use!


  • 3D tripod
  • Zippered bag
  • Phone holder
Storage length57 cm
Working height55-139 cm
Weight950 g
Carrying weight3 kg
Dimensions56.5 x 11 x 11 cm
MaterialAluminum alloy + ABS
Phone clamping range5.8 cm to 8.5 cm

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