Ψηφιακός μετρητής σφιγκτήρα INGCO DCM6003


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INGCO DCM6003 Digital Clamp Meter

INGCO meter will allow you to quickly and conveniently measure, for example, AC/DC voltage and current or perform a diode test. What's more, the measurement result will be displayed on the LCD screen. For convenient operation are responsible for the buttons and a large knob. The set also includes a practical case for easy storage of the device.



The DCM6003 is useful in many situations. With its help you can measure voltage without contact, test diodes, check the value of AC/DC voltage, resistance or capacitance. Make your work easier with this INGCO meter!


Easy to use

Using an INGCO meter will not cause you any problems. Buttons and a large knob are responsible for easy and convenient operation. You can select the function you need, e.g. AC/DC voltage. On the other hand, the most important information on the device's operation is provided by an easy-to-read display.



That's not all! The INGCO meter is equipped with a flashlight, making it easier to work in dark rooms. What's more, after 15 minutes of non-use, the device switches off automatically, so you don't have to worry about forgetting about it. The DCM6003 is powered by 2 AA batteries and a special indicator will let you know when the battery is low.



  • meter
  • case
  • user manual





Display:LCD display with dual backlight
Number of counts:6000
AC current:4A/40A/400A/600A
AC voltage:4V/40V/400V/600V
DC voltage:400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V
Power supply2x AA batteries
Fuse blown indicator function:Yes
Other:Non-contact voltage detection function, diode test, data retention, low power notification, auto shutdown, torch function
Safety:CAT III 600V

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