Ψαλίδι μέτρησης JIMI Home JM-G12014 (γκρι)

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JIMI Home Scissors with measuring tape JM-G12014 (grey)

Made of stainless steel and ABS material, these scissors will serve in any kitchen, office or workshop. Wear resistance, the ability to adjust the closure and a tape measure placed on the blade are additional advantages that will come in handy in any situation.

Prevents slipping

One of the blades of the JM-G12014 scissors is serrated, which makes it easy for them to cut through any material, wire or plastic. This also prevents the material being cut from slipping while cutting. The scissors will also easily cut through soft metals like aluminum cans for easy storage and recycling.

Top quality materials

Stainless steel, from which the scissors are constructed, is resistant not only to corrosion, but also to various acids - even the strongest ones. The scissors retain their sharpness for a long time.

Convenient to hold

The ABS material of the scissor handle is non-irritating to the skin and pleasant to the touch. Matte coating will prevent the scissors from slipping from your hand, making each cut precise and efficient.

Blade guard

The contoured guard will protect your scissors from damage, measure clashing or dulling. It's also a safeguard against accidental injury during daily work.




BladesTitanized steel blades
Handle materialABS

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