Προβολέας κεφαλής Nitecore NU10, 160lm, USB

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Nitecore NU10 headlamp

The Nitecore NU10 wide-angle headlamp is perfect for working in demanding conditions or, for example, on a mountain expedition. Lightweight and comfortable - it is also extremely user friendly. It can operate for up to 150 hours on a single charge. Its brightness is up to 160lm and it can also glow red. It is IP66 waterproof and extremely durable.


Reliable light source

The product is equipped with 5 high-efficiency LEDs to provide stable, even illumination. Its brightness is up to 160lm, and the range is up to 35m. The flashlight is wide-angle - its light distribution angle reaches 170°, so you can easily see almost everything in front of you. There are also 3 brightness levels and 2 special light modes.


Created for your comfort

Enjoy the comfort of use. The NU10 is extremely lightweight, weighing just 65g. The wristband is made of skin-friendly materials and is very comfortable. The device has 2 built-in buttons for easy operation. You can also tilt the flashlight up to 60° for even more customization. You can also lock the device to avoid accidentally starting it.


Solid construction

The body of the flashlight is made of durable polycarbonate. This makes the device extremely solid and resistant to damage. Even a fall from a height of up to 1.5m is not a threat to it! The NU10 is also IP66 waterproof. So you can use the flashlight even in harsh conditions - for example, during a rainstorm.


Built-in rechargeable battery

The flashlight is equipped with a 3.33Wh rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a life span of up to 500 charging cycles. The operating time of the device is up to 150 hours. To charge the NU10, simply connect it to a power source using the micro USB port, which has a special rubber cover to protect it from dust and water. You will be notified of the battery status by the built-in light indicator. Moreover, the flashlight can work normally while charging.




BrightnessUp to 160lm
RangeUp to 35m
Operation timeUp to 150h
Battery capacity900mAh (3.33Wh)
Drop ResistanceUp to 1.5m



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