Προστατευτικό προπέλας Sunnylife για Mavic 3 (M3-KC349)

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Sunnylife propeller guard for DJI Mavic 3 (M3-KC349)

Lightweight and durable covers can completely protect the propellers of the DJI Mavic 3, increasing flight safety. They will especially work well where there are many obstacles - they will be an ideal choice for novice users.

Unique design

The cover prevents collisions, and any shocks. The reinforced design supports the arms for stability. The closed-circuit structure increases durability during flight. In addition, the shield isolates and protects the propellers from any damage, as well as people and objects in close proximity.

Hassle-free installation

Both installation and removal of the shield is completely hassle-free and convenient. The shield does not affect the drone's light indicator, and the hollow opening gives plenty of space for the propellers and does not weigh down the drone.

CompatibilityDJI Mavic 3
Weight109 g

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