Προστατευτικό PGYTECH για DJI RC (P-30A-060)

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PGYTECH protective cap for DJI RC (P-30A-060)

The overlay is made of flexible and durable TPU plastic. It makes both transport and storage of the controller safe, so you don't have to worry about damaging your equipment. In addition, its installation will not cause you any problems.

Effective protection

Now you can be sure that the DJI RC is protected from damage. The product protects the controller's screen from scratches or cracks. It also covers the function buttons, so you will avoid accidental activation of the device.

Fitted for DJI RC

The cap was created from flexible TPU plastic, which makes it easy to install. What's more, it is optimally tailored to the shape of the controller, so you are assured that the controller is safe and protected from damage.

CompatibilityDJI RC
Dimensions173.45 x 128.1 x 51.38 mm

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