Powerbank / Εκκινητής άλματος Lokithor J1500 - 1000A 12V 46Wh


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Βάρος2.1 kg


12 μήνες

Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 εργάσιμες ημέρες


Powerbank / Jump starter Lokithor J1500 - 1000A 12V 46Wh

Lokithor powerbank is an extremely practical device that will not only charge your electronics, but also serve as a starting device for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. The product is distinguished by its extremely efficient performance and a starting current of 1000A. It supports bidirectional charging, and its output power reaches 60 watts. It uses an intelligent system to recognize the connected devices and automatically adjusts the power supply to them, ensuring their complete safety. Thanks to its robust design, it will perform well in almost any conditions.

Emergency start

Jump starter Lokithor J1500 is suitable for starting gasoline engines up to 7 liters and diesel engines up to 4.5 liters. You will successfully start a car, motorcycle, boat, SUV, tractor, etc. with its help. A single charge allows up to 60 starting cycles. Included in the kit you will find zip ties to make the jump starter work.

Reliable powerbank

The product offers a power output of 60 watts and supports fast charging, which means it's suitable for both smaller and larger electronics. With the USB-C cable you'll find included, you'll be able to charge phones, tablets, laptops and smaller equipment such as headphones and smartwatches in no time.

Security is key

Now you don't have to worry about the safety of your equipment or vehicles. The Lokithor J1500 uses an intelligent system, thanks to which it recognizes connected equipment and automatically adjusts the power supply to it. What's more, it has a number of protections, protecting them from short-circuit, reverse polarity, overheating, overcharging, sparking, etc. The most important charging information will provide you with a practical LED display.

Efficient performance

Powerbank / Jump starter Lokithor J1500 uses a powerful polymer-lithium battery. It supports two-way fast charging, so it will only take you a little over 1.5 hours to fully charge it. You only need to charge it for 5 minutes to start your vehicle once. The full battery provides up to 60 starting cycles. Robust construction guarantees performance in extreme conditions - Jump starter can operate in temperatures of -20℃ - 60℃.


  • Powerbank / Jump starter Lokithor x 1
  • Jumpstart zip ties x1
  • 12V adapter x1
  • User manual x1
  • USB-C to USB-C cable x1
  • USB-A to USB-C cable x1


Battery typePolymer-lithium
Voltage12 V
Starting current1500 A
Dimensions240 x 106.5 x 60mm
Special featuresJump Starter, 60W bi-directional fast charging, LED lamp
Lift typeManual

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