Πολυλειτουργική βάση iPega PG-XB007 για XBOX ONE και αξεσουάρ (μαύρο)


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Multifunctional stand for XBOX ONE console iPega PG-XB007 (black)

The iPega PG-XB007 stand is a multifunctional gadget that will renew the energy of your controllers, prevent your console from overheating, and keep your gaming station tidy. The product offers two cooling fans, two pad charging stations, two micro USB adapters, a micro USB port, a headphone stand, and disc storage space. It is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles.

Small size, big functionality

What sets the PG-XB007 stand apart is its remarkable functionality. Despite its compact size, iPega's product has several functions - it will serve you, among other things, as a stand for your console and headphones, as well as allow you to store as many as 17 discs. This way you will have all the devices and accessories you need at your fingertips!

Fast renewal of energy

By opting for the iPega stand, you gain the ability to renew the energy of up to 2 pads at the same time with a voltage range of 4.75 to 5.25 volts. The cradle comes with 2 micro USB adapters for fast charging. This solution will save you time and allow you to resume playing with your companion in no time. You will be informed about the status of the batteries by light indicators.

Efficient cooling

PG-XB007 also provides effective heat dissipation. The stand is equipped with 2 fans that will positively affect the performance of your Xbox without generating excessive noise. With the dedicated button, you can start or stop the console's cooling process. Take care of your hardware with iPega!


  • Console stand x1
  • Micro USB adapter x2
  • User manual x1
Input voltage4.75-5.25 V
Input current≤1600 mA
Current intensity≤600 mA (for one pad)
Fan5010 x 2
Charging timeApproximately 5 hours
Dimensions320 x 188 x 50 mm
CompatibilityXbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S

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