Πολυλειτουργική βάση iPega PG-P4009 για PS4 και αξεσουάρ (μαύρο)

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Multifunctional stand for PS4 console iPega PG-P4009 (black)

Store both your console and its accessories in one place with the iPega stand. The product is compatible with PS4, PSR Slim and PS4 Pro. It offers a charging function so you can quickly renew the controllers' power. It is equipped with 2 fans, which will help keep your equipment safe. It will also accommodate headphones and 17 games.

Optimal cooling

The stand will allow you to take care of the safety of your PS4. It has 2 fans that work at high speed and effectively dissipate heat, so you don't have to worry about overheating your equipment. You can also turn them off at any time - just press the dedicated button.

Smart charging

PG-P4009 allows you to charge 2 controllers at the same time, which will save you time. The color indicators will let you know the status of the battery: white means charging, and red means it's finished. In addition, the cradle has 2 micro USB adapters, with which you can also charge the controllers. In addition, they have been protected from getting dust inside.

Everything in one place

In addition to the console and controllers, the cradle will also accommodate 17 games and a pair of headphones, so you can have everything at hand. Moreover, such a solution makes it easier to store and keep organized. What's more, you can successfully place PG-P4009 on your desk or dresser.


  • stand
  • micro USB adapter x2
  • micro USB cable
  • EVA pads x4
  • user manual
Game disc rackYES
Number of slots for game discs17
Charging ports for Sony PS Move controllersNO
Charging ports for Sony Dual Sense padsYES
Number of charging ports for Sony Dual Sense pads2
Charging ports for Sony Dual Sense padsmicro USB
Earphone holderYES
PS4 console coolingYES
Number of fans2
Input voltageDC 4.75-5.25V
Input current≤1600 mA
Charging current (Dual Sense pads)≤600mA
Charging time (Dual Sense pads)5h
Output portmicro USB
CompatibilityPS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro
OtherCharging indicators, micro USB adapters x2

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