Πολυλειτουργική θήκη Vipfan 7in1 για αξεσουάρ GSM (μαύρο)

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GSM accessory set 7in1 + multifunctional case, Vipfan X18 (black)

Want to always have the essentials at hand? Try Vipfan's 7-in-1 multifunctional case, which includes a practical cable and adapters that allow you to create up to 6 different interface combinations to meet the needs of multiple users. The case also offers slots for SIM and micro SD cards, as well as a needle that allows for convenient card removal and replacement. The case is compact and lightweight. What's more, it looks extremely elegant.

One cable - many possibilities

Vipfan's multifunctional cable allows for lightning-fast data transfer, and with the included adapters you can create as many as 6 connector variations (USB-C/USB-C, USB-C/Lightning, USB-C/Micro USB, USB-A/USB-C, USB-A/Lightning, USB-A/Micro USB). When you use the USB-C/USB-C version of the cable, you will enjoy PD 65W fast charging technology. What's more, the USB-A/USB-C and USB-C/Micro USB variants support 3A data transmission, while the USB-C/Lightning variant supports 2.4A.

Conveniently store your cards

Safely store your memory cards in one place. The Vipfan case provides slots for micro SD and SIM cards (no cards included). What's more, a needle will be at your disposal to remove or replace cards efficiently and conveniently. You no longer have to worry about losing important files! Always have your cards with you thanks to the practical Vipfan case!

Perfect for everyday use

The case is extremely light and compact, so it will not be an unnecessary burden on a daily basis. It will give you convenient access to the accessories you need and allow you to store them safely. Now you will have everything you need at hand. The elegant case is distinguished by a well-thought-out design, thanks to which you will enjoy a well-organized interior. As you can see - every detail has been taken care of. Bet on functionality, convenience and good style with Vipfan!


  • Case x1
  • USB-C/USB-C cable x1
  • USB adapter x1
  • Lightning adapter x1
  • Micro USB adapter x1
  • Card needle x1
InterfacesMicro-USB + Lightning + USB-C + USB
Cable length30 cm

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