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LiteChaser Polarpro Case for iPhone 14 Pro (black)

Ensure reliable protection for your iPhone 14 Pro and make it easy to record videos. The LiteChaser Polarpro case is made of high-quality materials and perfectly fits the shape of the phone. It is also distinguished by its compatibility with MagSafe. What's more, the accessory allows you to seamlessly mount LiteChaser Pro 13 / 14 filters or selected Moment M-Series lenses.

Benefit from additional accessories

The LiteChaser case is designed for people who frequently use their iPhone for recording videos and taking photos. The accessory is compatible with LiteChaser Pro 13 / 14 filters, so you can get satisfying results even in difficult lighting conditions. The product also allows you to mount an additional Moment M-Series lens.

Improved design

The highest quality materials were used to make the case - for example, the filter / lens mount was created from durable aluminum. The accessory perfectly fits the shape of the iPhone 14 Pro and provides it with effective protection from damage. It is also compatible with MagSafe, so you can conveniently charge your phone. The set also includes a wrist strap.

In the box

  • Case
  • Wrist strap
CompatibilityiPhone 14 Pro

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