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Techwood planetary food processor TRO-1056 (black)

With the Techwood planetary food processor you will quickly and conveniently prepare even the most complicated recipes. Sponge cake, homemade pasta, stuffing, purée - the robot can handle all kinds of masses. You can choose between 6 speed levels, and the included 3 attachments will thoroughly mix the ingredients. In the package you will also find a spatula for lining the mass and a plastic lid.

3 stirrers included

The set includes 3 stirrers that you can use depending on the type of mixture you are preparing. The mixing tip will thoroughly combine ingredients for sponge cake, sand muffin, stuffing, purée and more. While the whisk will allow you to whip cream, prepare meringue, soufflé, sauce or even homemade mayonnaise. In addition, the hook will be perfect for kneading pizza dough, homemade pasta, bread or doughnuts.

Thoughtful design

The planetary food processor, compared to traditional kitchen mixers, is distinguished by its more efficient operation. Its mixers rotate around their own axis and around the center of the bowl, thoroughly combining ingredients. What's more, the Techwood TRO-1056 uses up to 1,000 watts of power, which translates into the robot's reliability. In addition, the non-slip finish provides stability and prevents the device from moving, for example, at high speed.

Comfort of use

Techwood has made sure that using the TRO-1056 is simple and convenient. The planetary food processor offers a 6-stage speed control, so you'll be able to adjust its operation to suit your needs. This task will be made easier for you by the large dial. What's more, the 5-liter bowl will allow you to prepare a larger batch of dough or batter, and thanks to the locking option, you can use the device safely. A dedicated button allows you to raise the arm - this way you can conveniently remove the bowl or change the mixer. In addition, the included cover prevents splashing, and the small opening window will allow you to easily add the necessary ingredients.


  • planetary robot
  • bowl
  • plastic lid
  • spatula
  • dough hook
  • whisk
  • mixing tip
Materialstainless steel (bowl)
Bowl capacity5 l
Voltage220-240V~ 50/60Hz
Number of speeds6
Weight5.7 kg
Dimensions40.5 x 26.8 x 35.6 cm

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