Πετάλι ποδηλάτου Rockbros LX-K340


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Rockbros LX-K340 bicycle pedals

Rockbros LX-K340 bicycle pedals are perfect for both city and mountain bikes. They are made of durable aluminum alloy and are surprisingly lightweight - each weighs only about 156g. They are also distinguished by their water resistance and beautiful rainbow colors, so they are sure to appeal to many users.

Improved design

Each pedal is equipped with 3 bearings, making riding easier and more enjoyable. What's more, the LX-K340 were created from high-quality aluminum alloy, and CNC machining technology was used during their production. All this translates into their impressive durability and resistance to damage! They are also distinguished by a non-slip design, so they provide better support for the foot.

They will prove themselves in all conditions

A short ride around the city? Or maybe an all-day trip to the mountains or forest? Rockbros LX-K340 pedals will prove themselves in almost any situation! They are distinguished not only by incredible durability, but also waterproof - even if you get caught in an unexpected downpour, nothing will happen to them! What's more, they fit both mountain and city bikes.

MaterialAluminum alloy
Dimensions (one pedal)Approx. 11x9.7x1.7cm
Weight (one pedal)Approx. 156g
Bearing typeBall bearing

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