Περιστρεφόμενη θήκη για τηλέφωνο/ταμπλέτα Baseus Otaku Life Rotary Pro (γκρι)


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Baseus stand holder for phone/tablet swivel (black)

Make watching movies even more enjoyable! With the stand by Baseus, you can watch movies comfortably from your bed. The holder allows you to bend freely, so you can easily adjust it to your needs. It is also collapsible, so eventual transportation and storage will not cause much trouble.

Wherever you need it!

The accessory will be perfect for many applications. Thanks to it, having your hands free, you can use the phone and deal with other things at the same time. You will attach the stand both to your desk and to your bed. Adjustable in 360॰ posture, you can adjust the holder to your preferences. Take advantage of the Baseus stand and enjoy comfort while watching movies, studying or video chatting.

Stable construction

The stand features triple stability reinforcement. A strong clamp on the edges of the device protects it from falling, and the use of an extension spring extends the strength. The mounting element does not damage your furniture, so you can attach it to countertops with a thickness of up to 90 mm without worry.

NameBaseus phone/tablet swivel stand holder
Dimensions426 x 651 mm
Materialaluminum alloy + plastic
CompatibilityDevices 4.7"-12.9"
Maximum span of the mounting element90 mm
Weight355 g

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