Orico RJ45 Cat.6 Στρογγυλό καλώδιο δικτύου Ethernet 2m (Μαύρο)


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Orico round Ethernet network cable, RJ45, Cat.6, 2m (black).

Orico network cable provides fast and convenient access to the Internet. It offers signal transmission of 1000 Mbps, and thanks to its robust construction, the product is resistant to damage and provides a high-quality connection without interference up to 100m. What's more, it allows you to watch 1080P quality videos without buffering and play games without lag, for even more immersion.

Fast signal transmission

The PUG-C6-20-BK-EP provides 1000 Mbps signal transmission and fiber network access. It also works more efficiently than CAT 5 cable. What's more, the use of aluminum and 26 AWG copper does not interfere with the signal and provides oxidation resistance, durability, and its signal range reaches 100 m.

Greater immersion

Enjoy perfect video and audio synchronization with the PUG-C6-20-BK-EP. Orico's product allows you to watch 1080P quality videos without buffering and play your favorite games without worrying about lag. Now you can dodge your opponent's attack in time and gain an advantage!

Robust construction

Orico cable is made of high-quality materials, so it will serve you for a long time. Thoughtful design of the cable prevents interference and improves signal quality. What's more, gold-plated connectors ensure a stable connection, and thanks to the PVC sheath it is resistant to water, sunlight, low temperatures and stretching.

Length2 m
Materialaluminum, copper 26AWG, PVC
Throughput1000 Mbps
Signal range100 m
TypeRJ45 to RJ45

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