Nillkin Qin Δερμάτινη θήκη Pro για το SAMSUNG S23 (μαύρο)


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Nillkin Qin Leather Pro case for SAMSUNG S23 (black)

Equip yourself with a sturdy Nillkin Qin Leather Pro case and keep your smartphone safe. The case perfectly fits the shape of your Samsung Galaxy S23 and protects it from scratches. A special sliding lens cap protects the lens and prevents it from getting dirty, further protecting your privacy. The advantage is also a practical pocket inside, which allows you to conveniently store, for example, payment cards.

Solid workmanship

The use of TPU and PC materials makes the case a perfect protection for your smartphone and protects it from damage. In addition, it protects the smartphone's camera and is an exact fit for the Samsung S23. On the other hand, the flap of the case opens 360° and provides maximum comfort.

Elegant design

The use of high-quality leather makes the case pleasant to the touch and looks great. The interior of the product is dirt-resistant and will not scratch the screen. In addition, the case is equipped with a metal logo, which gives it a chic and elegant look.

CompatibilitySamsung Galaxy S23
MaterialLeather, PC, TPU

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