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Universal laptop kickstand Nillkin Bolster

Do you spend a lot of time at your laptop? Take care of the correct posture and enjoy more comfort! Nillkin Bolster universal stands allow you to position your laptop at a 12° angle to relieve stress on your wrists. Say goodbye to pain and fatigue! High-quality zinc alloy is used to make the product, and special silicone pads increase its stability. The stands are also extremely lightweight and compact.

For the sake of your comfort

Ensure greater comfort while working. During everyday use of a laptop it is difficult to maintain proper posture - we often hunch over and strain our wrists. As a result, you may experience back pain and other health problems. Nillkin Bolster stands will help you avoid this! With their help you can easily position your laptop at an angle of 12° and make it easier for you to maintain the correct position while working.

Compact and portable

Say goodbye to heavy, large and impractical stands. Nillkin brand stands are incredibly lightweight and compact, which, combined with the foldable design, makes them convenient to transport. Just stick them to your laptop and unfold them when you need them! They won't put an undue burden on your equipment. This is an ideal solution if you often carry your laptop to work, university or, for example, to the library.

Optimal heat dissipation

You no longer have to worry that your laptop will overheat. The stands allow you to position it at an angle, so it won't be in contact with the surface of your desk. What's more, unlike other products of this type, they do not obstruct the air outlets. this means that your laptop's fans can work more efficiently, providing better heat dissipation and maintaining optimal temperature.

Improved design

Bet on the highest quality construction. The product was created from durable zinc alloy, which makes it wear-resistant and incredibly durable. In addition, thanks to the well-thought-out design, the stands are extremely solid - they can withstand a load of up to 10kg. The feet are also equipped with non-slip bases - they will not slide on the surface of the desk.

Wide compatibility

The stands are also distinguished by wide compatibility - you can easily attach them to your equipment. They are perfect for laptops under 17 inches. The feet are also extremely easy to install, and if necessary, you can easily detach them and mount them elsewhere. Thanks to the use of nano-adsorbents, they will leave the surface of your laptop clean and free of adhesive residue.

NameBolster Portable Stand
MaterialZinc alloy
CompatibilityLaptops with a diagonal of less than 17 inches
Number of feet included2

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