Nillkin Amazing H+ PRO Μετριασμένο γυαλί για το SAMSUNG S22


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Nillkin Amazing H+ PRO tempered glass for SAMSUNG S22

Equip your Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone with proper screen protection. The offered Nillkin model is made of tempered glass, which is characterized by high hardness and scratch resistance. The glass adheres precisely to the screen, without hindering touch operation. In the set you will find a set of instruments for easy attachment to the smartphone.

Adequate protection

The design of the tempered glass cover with curved edges promotes resistance to mechanical damage. What's more, the oleophobic and hydrophobic coating prevents greasing and leaving unsightly fingerprints.

Attention to detail

Nillkin tempered glass adheres perfectly to the surface of the screen, which, combined with its thin structure, supports ease of touch operation. In addition, it features light transmission of up to 99%. You will find a mounting kit along with a wet and dry cloth for cleaning the screen. This makes it easy to mount the product without having to visit a service center.

The kit includes:

  • Tempered glass
  • Cleaning sticker
  • Wet cloth
  • Dry cloth
  • Mounting kit
  • Assembly ilustrated guide
NameSamsung Galaxy S22 H+Pro Anti-Explosion Glass Screen
PurposeSamsung Galaxy S22
MaterialAGC tempered glass
Weight7.1 g
Dimensions139.53 X 64.28 x 0.2 mm

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