Nicefeel Flosser νερού Deskopt 600ml με σετ κεφαλής και απολύμανση UV FC288


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Stationary water flosser 600ml with nozzles set and UV disinfection Nicefeel FC288

The Nicefeel FC288 stationary water flosser will allow you to take even better care of your oral hygiene. It allows you to adjust the pressure from 30-125psi and allows you to choose between standard mode and massage mode. It is equipped with a large 600ml water tank and is very easy to use. It also offers a special container with UV disinfection function where you can store the included handpieces.


Enjoy a beautiful smile

With a water flosser, you can brush your teeth much more thoroughly than with a toothbrush alone. It also effectively removes debris from hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. The FC288 also allows you to choose the mode of operation (standard or massage) and offers a 5-stage pressure adjustment from 30-125psi. In this way, you can adapt its action to your needs and take even better care of your teeth!



The FC288 water flosser is very easy to use. Using the built-in buttons and switches, you can easily select the right mode and pressure. The device is also extremely quiet, with a sound level of less than 72dB. Also noteworthy is the large 600ml water tank - you don't have to stop brushing your teeth to fill it up! What's more, the special suction cup gives the water flosser greater stability - don't worry about it sliding around on your countertop or falling to the ground.


7 tips included

Up to 7 interchangeable handpieces are included in the kit to further customise your water flosser to your needs. The 3 standard tips are perfect for everyday use, while the orthodontic tip will benefit those using braces. The periodontal handpiece is suitable for diseased or sensitive gums. You will also find a plaque remover and a tongue cleaner in the pack.


UV disinfection

With Nicefeel, you can take even better care of your hygiene. The FC288 water flosser is equipped with a special nozzle container that offers a disinfection function using UV light. This means that it effectively eliminates bacteria and inhibits their growth. So you can be sure to always brush your teeth with a perfectly clean nozzle! What's more, by storing the nozzles in a container, you protect them from dust and other contaminants.


In the box

  • Stationary water flosser
  • Standard nozzle x3
  • Plaque removal nozzle
  • Orthodontic nozzle
  • Periodontal nozzle
  • Tongue cleaner nozzle
Water tank capacity600ml
Input voltage100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Operating modesStandard mode, massage mode
Pressure adjustment5-stage
Water flow≥ 290ml/min
Sound levelUp to 72dB

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