Nicefeel Flosser νερού Deskopt 600ml με σετ κεφαλής FC163


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Nicefeel FC168 desktop water flosser 600ml with handpiece set

The Nicefeel FC168 stationary water flosser will help you take comprehensive care of your oral hygiene. It allows 10-step pressure adjustment and has been equipped with a rotating nozzle, allowing you to thoroughly clean even hard-to-reach areas. The device is also distinguished by its large water tank and quiet operation, with a sound level of less than 75dB. You will also find several interchangeable irrigator tips in the kit.


For your hygiene

Take care of the condition of your teeth and enjoy a beautiful smile. The FC168 water flosser provides a water flow rate of up to 290ml/min and a pressure of up to 125psi. What's more, the nozzles designed for it rotate by 360°. All of this means that you can clean even those areas of the mouth that cannot be reached by a normal toothbrush.


10-step pressure adjustment

The FC168 water flosser also allows you to adjust the pressure in 10 stages. This allows you to optimally adapt its operation to your needs and the condition of your teeth. At the lowest level, the pressure does not exceed 30psi - this will be ideal for beginners. Medium levels offer from 40psi to 70psi - perfect for everyday use. The highest levels provide from 78psi to 125psi.


7 tips included

The kit includes up to 7 interchangeable tips. These include, for example, 3 standard tips that you will successfully use on a daily basis. Share them with your loved ones or save them for yourself as a spare! In the pack, you will also find an orthodontic tip (designed for those using braces) and a periodontal tip (suitable for diseased gums). A tongue cleaner tip and a plaque remover tip are also available.


Only the best solutions

The irrigator is extremely simple and convenient to use. It is equipped with a mechanical switch and a dial, with which you can easily adjust the pressure. Its water tank has a capacity of 600ml - enough to thoroughly clean your teeth without the need to refill it. In addition, a special suction cup on the underside of the device gives it more stability - don't worry about it sliding or falling to the floor.


In the box

  • Stationary irrigator
  • Standard handpiece x3
  • Plaque removal nozzle
  • Orthodontic handpiece
  • Periodontal nozzle
  • Tongue cleaner nozzle
Water tank capacity600ml
Input voltage100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Pressure control10-stage
PressureLow: ≤ 30psi;
Medium: 40-70psi;
High: 78-125psi;
Water flow≥ 290ml/min
Sound levelUp to 75dB

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