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Mirfak TU1 USB desktop microphone

Create recordings with great audio quality. Thanks to its state-of-the-art design, the Mirfak microphone offers high sensitivity, so you can be sure that your voice will be captured. Convenient plug & play connection and wide compatibility allow you to connect the TU1 to many devices. What's more, the microphone has a headphone jack for even more freedom of use. In addition to the microphone, you'll also find a tripod, filter, foam shield, stand and mount included.


High-quality sound

Record audio in the highest quality. The microphone is equipped with a high-quality condenser diaphragm. What's more, the transducer's cardioid polarization and intelligent features reduce ambient noise. As a result, unwanted sounds are eliminated, allowing you to create studio-quality recordings.


Plug & play

Mirfak is easy to connect to compatible devices. This is thanks to the plug & play solution. What's more, the high-quality cable provides a stable, interference-free signal. The built-in sound card, on the other hand, is responsible for high sample rates and excellent sound quality.



Worried that the TU1 won't work with your equipment? Don't be! Mirfak has included iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux in its compatibility list. This means you can connect the microphone to devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Note that for smartphones, you will need to purchase an OTG cable.


Headphone jack

Another advantage of the Mirfak microphone is the built-in audio port. This allows you to listen to the song you are recording in real time without any delay. In addition, the TU1 lets you create high-quality audio recordings and sound effects with synchronized voice control.


Various usage scenarios

Thanks to the use of modern solutions, the microphone stands out for its reliable operation. It is ideal for a wide range of applications. You can use it for various types of meetings, webinars, conferences or karaoke. It will also come in handy during streaming, conducting lectures online or recording music.


Robust design, convenient operation

Mirfak microphone is made entirely of metal, which makes it resistant to abrasion. In addition, it reduces acoustic resonance and ensures natural sound timbre. The knobs allow for real-time volume and reverb adjustments, while the dedicated mute button lets you mute the microphone in real-time. In addition, a dedicated button allows you to mute the microphone and reduce noise, thereby improving the tone and quality of your voice.



  • microphone
  • foam shield
  • tripod
  • user manual




ModelTU1 USB
Sensitivity-36 dBmW
Frequency range20 - 20000 Hz
Cable length1,5 m
Voltage5 V
Signal-to-noise ratio78 dB
ConnectionsUSB, headphones
Maximum sound pressure level104 dB
Dynamic Range117 dB



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