Μαγνητικό στήριγμα κάμερας δράσης PGYTECH (P-GM-155)

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PGYTECH magnetic mount for sports cameras (P-GM-155)

PGYTECH magnetic mount fits sports cameras such as GoPro, Osmo Action and insta360. Its solid construction ensures durability and resistance to damage. You can also customize the camera's position with 360° adjustment.

Lightweight and compact

The PGYTECH mount is distinguished by its relatively light weight, so you can successfully attach it to a variety of metal surfaces, for example, a car hood, a refrigerator or a handrail - you are limited only by your imagination. While the compact design makes it easy to store, you can successfully stow it in your backpack.


Don't be afraid of compatibility problems. The PGYTECH magnetic mount is equipped with a standard ¼ thread and is compatible with Osmo Action, insta360 and GoPro. In addition, the included pin is responsible for quick and easy installation/disassembly.

Thoughtful design

The mount is made of aluminum alloy, which contributes to its durability and resistance to damage. The magnetic base ensures stability, and the rotating head allows the holder to be adjusted 360°. In addition, the maximum lifting capacity of the P-GM-155 is 300g.


  • holder
  • pin x2
  • ball head with ¼ thread
  • manual
MaterialPA66 + GF, TPU, aluminum alloy
Weight ≤300 g
Dimensions119 mm x φ64 mm
Operating temperature-10℃~40℃
Max. load capacity300 g
CompatibilityOsmo Action, insta360, GoPro

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