Baseus Μαγνητικό καλώδιο ψευδαργύρου, USB-C, 60W, 2m, γωνιακό (λευκό)

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Baseus CATXC-W02 USB-C to MagSafe angle cable

Want to charge your Apple laptop even faster and more conveniently? We have something special for you! The Baseus CATXC-W02 USB-C to MagSafe angle cable supports 60W fast charging, and with its magnetic L-shaped connector, it makes connecting your devices to power much easier. The practical LED indicator will provide you with information about the battery status, and the advanced chip ensures safe use. The cable is also extremely durable.


Fast charging for your laptop

No more waiting endlessly for your laptop to be ready to work again. The product supports 60W fast charging, which means it can fully charge your device in just 2.5 hours! In the same time, a regular cable would only restore about 50% of its energy.


Easily connect it

The product is designed with Apple's L-shaped ports in mind. When you bring the magnetic connector close to the corresponding slot, it will be automatically attracted. Thanks to this solution connecting devices to the power supply at night will become much easier! You no longer have to hit the port precisely every time - Baseus cable will take care of everything for you.


Conveniently check battery status

With Baseus, you can check your battery status at a glance. The cable is equipped with a small LED indicator that lights up in different colors, providing you with the most important information. Red indicates that charging is in progress. Green indicates that the device is fully charged. Now you can easily check what is happening with your laptop!


Indispensable for travel and beyond

This unique cable is also perfect for traveling. It is compatible with over 65W chargers. It also works with powerbanks. Simply pack it in your bag or backpack and take it to work or on vacation to enjoy fast charging of your laptop wherever you go! What's more, with a 2m cable length, it's perfect for many applications and will give you the convenience you dream of.


Safety of use

You don't have to worry about the safety of your laptop either. The cable has a state-of-the-art smart chip built in, which guarantees unparalleled fast charging stability. It also protects the charged devices from damage. The technological solutions used allowed to ensure the safety of use you care about.


Extremely durable

Are you looking for a cable that will serve you well for a long time? You just found it! Nylon braid gives the product incredible strength and flexibility, and additional protection of its most delicate elements perfectly protects it from damage. Nickel-plated connector made of aluminum alloy is extremely durable and not susceptible to oxidation.




NameZinc Magnetic Series iP Laptop Charging Cable
MaterialAluminium alloy + nylon braided
Maximum power60W
Input interfaceUSB-C
Output interfaceL-shaped connector



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