Μαγνητική προστατευτική θήκη ESR για iPad Air 4 2020 / Air 5 2022 / Pro 11' 2018 (μπλε)

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ESR Magnetic protective case for iPad Air 4 2020/Air 5 2022/Pro 11" 2018 (blue)

ESR Magnetic protective sleeve protects your equipment from damage, and the magnetic design provides comfort. The product is dedicated to iPad Pro 5 / 4 / 11", and the lightweight design makes it easy to transport. You can also customize the position of your iPad and attach a stylus to it.

Adjustable function

Use the case as you are comfortable. You can adjust its position for greater comfort while typing, drawing, watching videos or video calls. The product is equipped with strong magnets, ensuring stability and safe use.

Lightweight and durable design

The ESR sleeve is distinguished by its thoughtful design, which makes it easy to transport the device - the thickness of the product is only 2 mm. This allows you to successfully store the tablet in a backpack or handbag. In addition, the case protects the corners of the tablet, preventing their damage during a possible fall.

Pencil 2 stylus protection

ESR's sleeve also allows you to conveniently store the stylus and wireless charging. In addition, it provides protection against scratches, so you can be sure that your equipment is safe.

NameESR Magnetic protective case for iPad Air 4 2020/Air 5 2022/Pro 11" 2018
CompatibilityiPad Air 4 2020/Air 5 2022/Pro 11" 2018
Thickness2 mm

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