Λωρίδα τροφοδοσίας με 4 πρίζες AC, 4x USB, LDNIO SE4432, 2m (λευκό)


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Power strip with 4 AC outlets, 4x USB, LDNIO SE4432, 2m (white)

LDNIO SE4432 power strip allows you to connect as many as 8 devices at the same time. This is allowed by 4 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. The product automatically adjusts the amperage to the connected device, and the construction of fireproof PC and safety features increase the safety of use. In addition, the 2-meter cable provides freedom.

Connect as many as 8 devices simultaneously

The LDNIO SE4432 power strip is perfect for the office or home. It is distinguished by its power of 2500 watts and allows you to power 4 devices (e.g. TV, speakers) via an AC outlet. While 4 USB ports allow you to charge your equipment, for example, a laptop or a powerbank.

Safe use

The product is designed so that you can use it without worrying about damaging your equipment. It uses high-quality copper and fire-resistant PC material. It adjusts the amperage to the connected device, and the 2-meter-long cable increases comfort and ensures safe conductivity.

Cable length2 m
Rated power2500W - 10A (max) 250V~
Input voltageAC 100-250V 10A 50/60 Hz
USB-A output voltage5V/3.4A
Power17W (max)
Dimensions290.7 x 51.7 x 39.5 mm

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