Liberex CP008793 Ηλεκτρικό ψαλίδι μαλλιών Liberex CP008793


Κωδικός προϊόντος: IP-034386 Κατηγορία:

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Βάρος0.45 kg

Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 εργάσιμες ημέρες


Liberex electric clipper hair trimmer CP008793

Do you want smooth skin all over your body? Now it's possible! The Liberex electric razor will style your beard and help you get rid of unwanted body hair. Its ceramic blade removes hair effectively and gently, and its water resistance makes it easy to use. In addition, it works quietly, so its noise will not annoy you.


Effective and gentle epilation

The razor has a ceramic, rust-resistant blade. Thanks to this, epilation is effective and safe at the same time. The clever design of the device reduces the risk of irritation and cuts, making epilation painless. In addition, the intelligent motor adjusts the power according to the area to be epilated.


Freedom of use

The Liberex device is equipped with IPX7 level water protection. This means that you can also use it in the shower. Additionally, the blade can be easily detached and cleaned under running water. In addition, the razor works quietly, so its noise will not bother you.


Durable battery

CP008793 has a 800 mAh battery, which means you can use it for about 90 minutes on a single charge. When you need to, you can charge the device using the included docking station and USB cable. After about 90 minutes of charging the razor will be ready to use again.



  • razor
  • comb x2 (3mm - 6mm), (9mm - 12mm)
  • charging station
  • USB charging cable
  • cleaning brush
  • blade oil
  • user manual



Waterproof levelIPX7
Charging time90 min
Working time 90 min
Battery capacity 800 mAh



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