Λευκό φωτογραφικό φόντο Puluz PU5321W


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White photographic background Puluz PU5321W

Looking for a professional photographic backdrop for your studio or home atelier? The Puluz PU5321W will meet your expectations. This 156 x 80 cm white backdrop will help you take stunning product or portrait photos. It's made from high quality PVC - waterproof, durable and crease resistant. The matte surface on one side and the glossy surface on the other increase the possibilities during a photo session.

Robust workmanship

The PU5321W photo backdrop is made from a high-quality PVC material, which makes it waterproof, dustproof and crease-resistant. So you can use it during sessions with your children without worry, and it's easy to clean if necessary. In addition, the background is distinguished by its solid colour and non-reflective surface. One side of the background is matte and the other glossy - you can use them alternately and enjoy a variety of effects.

Many applications

The Puluz PU5321W white backdrop will be a great addition to your photo studio or home studio. It will be used to take portrait or product photos. It will also allow you to create a professional backdrop for videoconferences, and will come in handy when filming vlogs. The universal size of 156 x 80 cm will prove useful in each of these situations.

NameWhite photo background Puluz PU5321W
Dimensions156 x 80 cm
SurfaceMatt, glossy

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