Λάμπα κάμπινγκ Superfire T60-A, 2.5W


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Superfire T60-A camping light, 2.5 watts

Forget about tripping over tent lines. SuperFire will provide illumination when you need it. It is powered by AAA batteries, and the unit's runtime allows for 8 hours of continuous use. It has several lighting modes, and its sturdy construction will ensure that the SuperFire will serve you for many seasons.

Additional features

The SuperFire T60-A offers adjustable lighting. A strong or medium mode will come in handy when you need to see more. Slightly weaker lighting will be the perfect backdrop for long conversations into the morning or when everyone is already asleep and you are looking for a path to the toilet with your toddler. If necessary, you can activate the SOS mode, which the lamp is equipped with.

Sturdy construction

The sturdy construction is worth noting. The lamp is made of extremely durable materials. What's more, it features an IP 44 waterproof rating, so it will also work well in summer rains. For your convenience, the device has a hook, so you can hang it anywhere, and also take it with you when needed.

 In the set:

  • Lamp,
  • instruction manual
Power2,5 W
Power supply3 x AAA
Operating timeabout 8 h
Weight64 g
Water resistance ratingIP 44
Dimensions70 x 42 mm
Modes of operationStrong - Medium - Weak - Strobe - SOS - Off.

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