Λάμπα κάμπινγκ Superfire T56, 220lm


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12 μήνες

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Superfire T56 camping lamp

The Superfire T56 camping lamp is perfect for a variety of situations. The device shines with a brightness of 220 LM, and its maximum range is 210 meters. There are 4 light modes at your disposal, and you can also adjust its brightness level. It is equipped with strong magnets and a handle that will allow you to attach and carry the lamp. It is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), and its working time is 2 hours.

Various light modes

Adjust the operation of the device to your needs. The Superfire lamp offers 4 different light modes, so you can choose the lighting for almost any situation. Lantern, Red Flash, Flash and Red SOS modes are available. In addition, you can adjust the brightness level of the light by adjusting the height of the lamp.

Thoughtful design

The device is equipped with a practical handle that allows you to carry it comfortably, as well as hang it on a branch, for example. It also has built-in magnets that allow you to attach the lamp to the body of a car, for example. For its manufacture, a durable ABS material was used, which is characterized by exceptional resistance to wear or damage.

Use as you wish

The T56 model was created with various usage scenarios in mind. The lamp will be great for car repairs, camping, DIY or evening walks. You will use it as an emergency lighting source during an unexpected power failure. Your possibilities are almost unlimited.

Degree of protectionIP43
Weight258.1 g
Power5W (max)
Brightness level220 LM
Battery lifeApproximately 2 hours (3x AA)
Range210 m
Light modesLantern Mode, Flash Mode, Red Flash, Red SOS
Dimensions138.6 x 86.5 x 90 mm (folded) 200 x 86.5 x 90 mm (unfolded)

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